2 days workshop | 06-07th Jul | 20 seats available

The workshop aims at presenting a practical look on how technology can leverage the workflow of an architectural project, and how optimized Building Information Models (BIM) processes can impact the outcome of a project as heavily as having an optimized design.

By the end of the workshop the attendees should understand the importance of having a Project Delivery System (PDS) implemented and recognize the relevancy of the project infrastructure which is a hidden part of the project.
Attendees will design the Project Delivery System from concept to construction, creating the necessary processes and communication flows to suit project requirements while using state of the art collaboration technology to optimize them. They will then apply those processes as they simulate the coordination of a sample project, exchanging information between the designers, coordinators and the owner.

Software used:

> Coordination and Communication:
Trimble Connect


Day 1:
> Introduction to the concepts of Building
Information Modelling (BIM) and Project Delivery Systems (PDS)
> Working in a BIM project (presentation)
> Requirements of PDS and of project infrastructure
> Collaboration exercise 1: design the Project Collaboration Workflow

Day 2:
> Trimble Connect training
> Collaboration exercise 2: Setup the project for collaboration
> Collaboration exercise 3: Simulate the coordination of the project
> Presentations & Discussion

Target Audience:

> Architectural and Structural Engineering Students
> Professors and Professionals in the field of Design and Construction Hardware Requirements:
> 64-Bit Computer with Windows 7/8, with internet Access